Delta roots collective is a Mutual Benefit Non Profit Corporation. We are dedicated to providing our members with improved access to medical cannabis products. Our goal is to provide a safer, more reliable alternatives to the black market. We strive to provide the highest quality products available at an affordable price. Our business philosophy is use  Cannabis to improve the overall well being of our community. We know that we can honor this philosophy by providing top shelf customer service coupled with strong investments into local community programs........Learn More

What We Offer

Products and Partners

Delta Roots Provides Our members with safe affordable access to some of the highest quality products available. We are constantly adding new innovative products to our inventory to ensure patients have a variety of treatment options. If you would like to learn more about the products and brands we carry....CLICK HERE

Advocacy and Patient Resources

At Delta Roots we believe it is important to help inform patients and members of the community about the benefits of this amazing medicinal plant. In addition to working with local regulators and elected officials to lobby for safe access we want to help provide patients and members of the community with information to help them make more informed desicions about cannabis.......MORE GREAT INFO COMING SOON

About Our Organization


In order to take full advantage of all the great products and services we offer you will need to become a member of our collective. There are no fees to get signed up and most applications can be approved within an hour. for more info...........CLICK HERE 


Online Orders

Delta Roots Collective allows Patients to place orders Via our safe and secure online order system. Taking orders online helps ensure patients always get exactly what they are looking for and that orders can be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. to learn more about online orders or to place your order today....CLICK HERE

  • Delta Roots Offers a wide range of products and services for our members.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products
  • Free deliveries and no minimum order  within 20 miles of Rio Vista.
  • Price Matching - Find one of our products on another menu cheaper and we will price match
  • Top Shelf medicine at affordable prices